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We take a mature, no fuss approach to relationships with third parties. We believe that collaboration is one of the best ways to create new business and opportunity. Other than providing an exceptional and cost effective service, our goal is to be easy to deal with, professional and to build lasting relationships with our customers and colleagues. We understand that your success is key to our success.

Sales Agents

Agents play a crucial role in introducing new customers to our products and provide essential feedback to drive our product development program. We in turn provide agents with products and solutions that help them to sell, market and grow their business.

We offer great commission and renewal revenue incentives and are interested in finding suitable regional agents to help grow and market our service.


As the saying goes, "two heads are better than one”. B2B partnerships enable companies to harness the strengths and abilities of one another to drive collaborative innovation and create opportunity.

Partnerships allow companies to grow in areas that their customers need, both now and in the future. We are interested in talking to innovative parties about mutually beneficial partnerships.


If you want to create a commercial solution that requires reference market data then we can help to make that happen. Our API data feed can do so much of the tedious back-end work of managing the databases, user accounts and user access.

We have the tools to help bring your solution to market in a short time frame. Why not get in touch and see how we can work together to turn your ideas into reality?

Proprietary Data

If you have your own proprietary data that you would like to get to market, we can help by adding it to our Monitor+ API service. This can open a new channel to market with global sales opportunity - and for very little effort.

We host your proprietary data on our servers and your data will be available to your clients via our API or you can take the opportunity to sell to the global market. Why not get in touch so we can discuss your plans in more detail?

White Label Products

Sometimes companies just want an out of the box solution - without the headaches of design, development, infrastructure costs, technical expertise and the large investment required to create an in-house solution.

A white label solution can be a fast and beneficial way to get a working badged product to market at a fraction of the cost and time involved in creating your own. We can add your proprietary (or third party) data to our service for your clients as needed.

Other Solutions

There are many other ways that businesses can work together. We are happy to consider partnering in other ways - referrals, silent partnerships or joint ventures.

Why not get in touch and discuss your plans and ideas with us. We are happy to be involved in innovation collaborative projects that bring commercial opportunity and success to all parties.

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