Market data & analytics

Market Data: Premium market data is the lifeblood of every trading company. At Sarus we provide extremely cost-effective access to premium reference market data for any commercial enterprise - large or small.

Our historical reference data is perfect for market analytics, quant research, contract pricing, back-testing, databases, information systems and more. Whatever your requirements, Sarus provides the solutions you need with low-cost flexible licensing and easy access to a huge range of global market reference data.

Analytics: We bring the latest data science and analytic solutions to clients and deliver market data directly to 'R' and Python. Using the powerful Monitor+ API, almost all programming languages can be used to access market data. We enable access to hundreds of analytic functions and reports so any company can create a custom market data analysis, comparison, and forecasting solutions to help make better-informed trading decisions.

Excel: Our XLerate Excel add-in helps users to create detailed analytic reports and technical analysis charts. An intuitive 'point and click' interface makes it perfect for advanced and less experienced users.

If you can use Excel, you can use XLerate.

Our solutions work for companies of any size - from single traders to corporate giants. We help businesses to become more productive, location independent and to drive down data costs using our innovative market data solutions.

If you need powerful, cost effective market data analytic solutions that are tailored for your business then you need Monitor+

One API - All the power.

Monitor+ is an extremely powerful JSON API. It's easy to use and can return datasets as time series, row by column or for one date. We make it easy with pre-processing, filters, fills and custom averages.

The Analytics Businesses Need

Create the powerful analysis, comparison and forecasting reports that link your front, mid and back offices. Access thousands of analytic functions to help analysts gain market insight.

Create Your Own Solutions

Create solutions using 'R', Python, Excel and most other languages. Monitor+ handles authentication, favorites, prices, corrections, metadata and returns the results in a variety of JSON formats.

Our Market Data

Monitor+ provides easy access to dozens of exchanges containing thousands of premium time series from commodities, currencies, stocks, independent pricing agencies, indices, fundamental data and more.

Your Own Channel To Market

Add your proprietary data to the Monitor+ platform to create your own global revenue opportunity. In some cases for zero vendor cost.

Flexible Terms - Low Cost

Our simple and relaxed licensing terms can allow commercial use of our data in your company. Our low fees ensure a low data cost for clients. *

* Subject to any exchange/vendor regulations and our fair use policy.

the solution customers need

For Large Enterprises

Create and implement your own market data solutions using virtually any programming language. We provide native access for 'R', Python and Jupyter reports, including the flexible, powerful Monitor+ JSON API for other programming languages.

With the powerful Monitor+ API you can power databases, create custom applications, perform quant research, build dashboards, quote pages, create reports and integrate with other BIS software.

As well as having access to our 'R' and Python reports, you will also have access to our XLerate for Excel add-in so that all users can easily access market data reports. With these professional tools you can create, edit, share and update your market reports at home and in the office.

And Small to Medium Sized Businesses

You don’t need a team of data scientists and analysts to create powerful analytics. We provide sample 'R' Studio and Python (using Jupyter Notebooks) reports that show how quickly and easily analytic reports can be created and managed. These statistical languages are familiar to data scientists and developers, making it easy to create in-house reports or outsource report development.

Not all companies need to to create in-house solutions. In addition to our ready made sample reports, our XLerate for Excel add-in brings the power of Monitor+ to Excel. With just a few clicks, you can create market reports, charts and analytics – all without any knowledge of cryptic exchange symbols.

For more information on our products, click on the 'Solutions' menu at the top of the window.

Data Integration

Our market data solutions are designed to integrate into business information & trading systems and provide cost saving, cutting edge solutions for front, mid and back office.

Our servers take data from dozens of exchanges and markets and combines them in our Monitor+ API to standard JSON format giving easy access to the market data.

For local data integration, we provide tools that are familiar to both data scientists and analysts - Jupyter, Python, 'R' and Excel. All tools come as native libraries and with a variety of working examples that are easy to adapt to any client requirements.

XLerate for Excel brings the power of Monitor+ to Excel with built in market reports and charts making it easy to create, edit and share reports - at work, at home or online. Because it's Excel, you can integrate data from multiple sources to create your own custom reports.

We can help to integrate market data from third parties and Monitor+ is the perfect solution to provide data vendors with a fast, secure, cost effective way of present their data online to a global audience. Why not click the 'Work with us' menu at the page bottom to get in touch and find out more.


Pricing is quite straightforward but depends on a number of factors including database size, the number of clients/users and any fees for access to proprietary or 3rd party databases.

We publish a price list covering companies from startup to enterprise and, where needed, can offer trials of the Monitor+ service to test system integration for both data vendors and clients.

Why not get in touch and talk to us about Monitor+? We'll be happy to discuss your requirements and explain the available options, features, timescales - and how little it can actually cost.


Need more information?

If you have any questions about Monitor+ solutions or how our they can be integrated into your business then we'd love to hear from you.

Companies who are interested in the Monitor+ Analytic solutions and access to complimentary and premium databases should get in touch using the 'Contact' menu at the top (and bottom) of the page.

Data vendors looking for a cost saving analytic data distribution solution (or companies with proprietary market data to offer) should get in touch using the 'Work with us' menu at the bottom of the page.


We've got the perfect data package for you...

Register your business and you can request a trial access to the Monitor+ client API service. We'll give you full access to an FX database and the API, Python or 'R' libraries.
It's absolutely free!"

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