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Monitor+ is the Web API that provides easy access to a huge range of historical reference market data from stock exchanges, commodity exchanges, proprietary market data providers and independent pricing agencies as well as currencies, global indices and more.

Monitor+ is designed to be the most powerful and flexible reference data API, with comprehensive data preprocessing, fills, lead/lags, custom averages and more.   The Monitor+ API sits between the subscriber and our cloud data servers, enabling subscribers to receive market data for a single date, as a time series or in row by column JSON format.

With simple flexible licensing, Monitor+ allows easy integration of market data into new or existing platforms, information systems and trading systems. The Monitor+ API is flexible, easy to use, extremely powerful and has native access in both Python and 'R' which enables data scientists, analysts and developers to be productive immediately.

You can find out more about Monitor+ API under the 'Documents' menu at the top of the page.

How it Works

A clients subscribes to one or more datasources and receives an API key to access the service. The client sends a HTTP request for market data and the server returns the data in the requested JSON format. It's really that simple.

With just three HTTP requests subscribers can authenticate and receive values for any number of datasets in their subscription plan.

The API is extremely powerful, flexible and is well documented with interactive help in both 'R' Studio and Python. There are plenty of code samples and multiple working examples in both 'R' and Python.

The API also provides easy access to the metadata (data describing the datasources and datasets), the time series values as well managing as list of 'Favorite' datasets for each subscriber.



Global reference market data

Monitor+ is a RESTful API that is designed to enable fast and easy access to a vast and ever growing amount of international reference market data from stock and commodity exchanges, proprietary market data providers, independent pricing agencies as well as currencies, global indices and more.

Low cost subscriptions

We offer a range of low cost subscriptions to suit all business sizes - from the sole trader to the large corporations. We provide flexible, simple licensing to encourage internal use of the market data to help maximize the subscribers return (subject to any data vendor restrictions).

Flexible JSON Data.

Our market data can be requested (as values or averages) for a single date or as a date range for historical time series. Historical time series datasets can be returned as individual time series or in row by column format. Requests for a single date can return sparkline values and calculated columns.

As well as a full range of averages (including custom averages), there are many optional request parameters to control the content of the market data result.

We host your Market Data

We can also host proprietary market data for both third party data vendors and subscribers. The Monitor+ platform can help subscribers open a new sales channel and access potential customers from around the world.

For companies who wish to market their own proprietary data, Monitor+ can provide a ready made solution without the headaches of cost, time and investment needed to create and manage their own solution.

Free analytic functions

Subscribers who use 'R' or Python can access a huge library of free analytic functions and reports that are published and freely available. Using Monitor+, even the smallest company can have an analytic capability that were unheard of only a few years ago.

There are thousands of published analytic function such as seasonality, ARIMA, correlations, regressions, forecasting, machine learning and more that are freely available and easy to implement. We provide code samples to demonstrate just how easily reports like these can be created.

Market Data in Excel

Subscribers can use the powerful 'XLerate' for Excel add-in to enable easy access to market data for traders, analysts as well as front, mid and back office users.

XLerate brings the power of Monitor+ to Excel and makes it easy to create both analytic reports and technical analysis charts using a 'point and click' interface. Reports can be shared, edited and refreshed at the click of a button.

If you can use Excel, you can use XLerate.


Increased Productivity

Get fast access to hundreds of thousands of premium market data time series. Developers, analysts and data scientists can be creating the analytic reports you need almost immediately.

Monitor+ lets you create and share powerful market data reports in minutes giving your company real commercial advantage.

Cost Reduction

The Monitor+ service typically costs a fraction of other market data delivery services and is designed to suit businesses of all size.

Our flexible licensing can significantly reduce data costs for subscribers making it a cost effective way to employ market data throughout your company (subject to any data vendor restrictions).

Ease of Use

Monitor+ is designed to be powerful, flexible and easy to use. It is fully documented with lots of sample code and working analytic report examples.

No knowledge of networks, databases or SQL is needed and with just two commands you can receive the market data that you need to power your trading systems and reports.

Data Science

We provide native 'R' and Python components to enable companies of any size to have full access to tools to create analytics, machine learning and forecasting reports. Developers who use other development tools will also find Monitor+ easy to use.

Microsoft Excel

Excel users can access the powerful 'XLerate for Excel' add-in to make market data report generation in Excel a breeze.

Because XLerate is built into Excel, all reports can be easily created, refreshed and shared with colleagues.

Market Data

Subscribers can have access to huge volumes of historical market data for stocks, commodities, currency, indices as well as data from 3rd party data vendors.

If data vendor supported, we apply and return details of any published corrected values.

Product Development

Use Monitor+ to power your trading systems, create reports, quote pages and in-house software solutions using virtually any programming language like C++, Java, PHP or VBA.

Our comprehensive documentation provides HTTP examples of how to use all endpoints with request and result code and we provide working examples in both 'R' and Python.

Proprietary Data

If you require market data from a third party (or have your own proprietary data that you wish to market), we are happy to discuss adding it to the service.

Adding your own market data to Monitor+ can open up a global sales channel for your business. We can also supply private data servers to comply with any vendor data restrictions.

User Favorites

We provide and manage a user defined custom list of 'favorite' datasets via our client web portal.

The Favorites list is fully manageable via the API and can be employed by developers to shorter their own applications development cycle. XLerate for Excel was written using the Monitor+ API for all dataset and favorites selection.

Additional Features

JSON Data Formats

Monitor+ is ideal for creating a variety of analytic solutions and reports as market data can be returned in one of three JSON formats:

  • Single Date. Ideal for creating 'quote page' style reports that require values for a single date with optional 'Spark Line' and 'Change' values
  • Historical TS. Market data is returned as individual time series.
  • Historical RC. Market data is returned in a 'row x column' format to make report creation and display easy.


Our market data is natively accessible in both 'R' and Python but you don't have to use 'R' or Python as almost any other development language such as C#, Java, VB or PHP can be used with the API.

Monitor+ is easy to integrate into new and existing systems as the API is designed to be return large amounts of both metadata and time series data as well as managing a list of user 'Favorite' datasets to makes user times series selection simple and easy. Excel users can use our XLerate for Excel add-in to create, update and share detailed Excel market reports.


The Monitor+ API can return values as daily, weekly, half monthly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly. Custom averages can be calculated for weeks, half months and months. Custom quarterly, half-yearly and yearly averages are created using custom month averages.

Data Preparation

Monitor+ can perform time series data preparation. Choose the date range to include and handle weekend values. Choose to use the first or last date in each average and fill missing values using the previous, mid point or interpolated values. Datasets can be filled at different stages of the average calculation and a lead/lag value can also be applied.


The complete Monitor+ documentation can be viewed by clicking on the 'Documents' menu at the top of the page and selecting the 'API Documentation' menu. From there you can see the list of available API requests, a detailed description of each as well as the request parameters and examples of HTTP requests and the JSON results.

We provide documented working examples (in both 'R' and Python) that can be be a great help in getting your team up and running right away.


If you have questions about Monitor+, our market data, analytics or about how our solutions can be integrated into your business then why not contact us using the 'Get in touch' button below.

You can find out more about our 'R' and Python packages (and using the API from other development languages) from the 'Documents' menu at the top of the page.

Details about XLerate for Excel can also be found under the 'Products' menu at the top of the page.

Monitor+ can provide the market data any business needs, the analytics any business wants and at a cost that any business can afford. Why not get in touch to find out more?

With Monitor+, market data is made easy



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