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Sarus XLerate is a powerful Excel add-in designed to be the ideal solution for your end of day market data analysis and reports.  It is powerful, flexible, cost effective and perfect for front, mid and back office use.    It comes with a free comprehensive historical database of premium FX and futures contracts and gives instant access to all your historical price data via the cloud. You  can also have access to thousands of other data series from EEX,  BP , CFTC.  Also,  if you have market data available from other data vendors or exchanges, we can help manage this data for you and give your users secure access via Sarus XLerate or our Monitor+ analytic JSON API.

Sarus XLerate becomes a part of Excel, giving you a flexible reporting solution that can handle historical reports, day reports and provides multi axis charts  in Excel with pan and zoom functionality.  All reports and charts update and can calculate all your averages and mid points, allowing you to fill any series for easy analysis and comparison.  Historical reports have built in historical average calculations including custom week, half month and month giving you comprehensive reporting capabilities.  Price corrections (where published) are highlighted in all reports 

Sarus XLerate has many built in 'quick functions' that allow you to instantly apply spreads, averages and technical analysis to any worksheet series. It also has a comprehensive report library allowing you to create detailed reports including: Time series analysis, Seasonal analysis, Forward Curves, Mean of Means, Correlation Analysis, Custom Crack spreads, MACD, RSI and currency FX (using any of 150+ currencies as the base currency) and many more.

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Monitor+ is a secure JSON API that gives full access to your market data from our secure servers. It uses industry standard JSON/REST technology allowing access to all prices, averages and metadata to your in house systems. Perfect for in-house databases and solutions.

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Key Features


OneStop 48 One stop solution is designed for front office, back office,  fund managers, traders, analysts and developers. Sarus provides the market data you need instantly in Excel or via our analytic JSON API.
cloud 48 Cloud -  Instant access to all your latest and historical price data and corrections. Our Cloudbase servers have prices from the 1970’s and all prices, history and corrections are always available instantly.
Team2 48 Market Data - All Sarus subscribers have free and unrestricted access to our Commodity Futures and FX prices.   User Sarus XLerate to create snapshot day or historical analysis reports.  
support 484 Support - We offer direct telephone support, e-mail and remote access support.  We pride ourselves on the dedication of our support team who have instant access to our developers so can solve most problems in the shortest possible time.
footprint 2 Zero database footprint - Our databases are all stored in the cloud and can be setup and working in minutes. Our Excel add-in works in conjunction with our web servers and it too provides market day reports, historical data and analysis.
BusinessCont 48 Business Continuity - Have your market data available 24/7. Our servers are replicated globally ensuring continual access to your market data. Our powerful web software allows you and your team to work from anywhere,at any time and on any device.
developer 48 Database and systems developers - Use our JSON/REST feed to power your in-house database and systems. As well as prices and corrections, the API allows calculated averages (notifiying you of relevant corrections) making in-house software solutions faster to develop. With the API, all the history and metadata that you subscribe to are available for immediate access.

We pride ourselves on our client support and client driven development. We will be adding other 3rd party data as requested. We can now add your own data  to our API giving you a new channel to market. If you'd like to find out more about what Sarus can do for your business, please email Don Gray at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the 'Contact Us' menu above. Thanks.