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Sarus Software Downloads

The files below are available to download. All are either self installing exe files or pdf guides.

You may need to have administrator rights to install software onto your PC. Please check with your IT department before attempting to install. Sarus for windows requires a software license and cannot be installed without one. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

Sarus Software for Windows


This is both a full installation and upgrade containing the Sarus Desktop application files, Excel  add-in and documentation only. No database or license is included.

Please contact us for assistance. 

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Welcome to Sarus for Windows

welcomeThis document introduces you to the Sarus applications and Excel add-in assisting a new user in getting operational straight away.

It includes our contact details and the user guide to our desktop Excel add-in.

Excel Add-in

Excel Document IconThe integrated Excel add-in gives you an easy to use Excel interface to your market data. It makes it simple to create, edit and update Excel workbooks containg both reported prices and calculated averages. 

All Sarus worksheets refresh their prices making it easy to create shared reports that are always current.

Sarus Technical Analysis Charting


For Windows, an easy to use application that allows a virtually unlimited number of multi-panel, multi-axis market charts containing price series, technical analysis studies, drawn tools, text and symbols.

Calculate and display price data in and common averages all the way from weekly to yearly (including custom week, half month and month).