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The Sarus Monitor+ API offers easy and secure access to your market data direct from our web servers.  The service includes a free premium commodity futures and FX historical database. Monitor+ can  be used to populate internal market data databases, web pages, inhouse solutions and reports making it suitable for front, mid and back office needs1.

We manage the market data - applying all corrections and updates - giving you 24/7 access to all current and historical prices and symbol metadata.   The market data is delivered to you in JSON format via HTTPS (secure HTTP) making in-house databases, web content and analytic solutions a straight forward proposition. 




Our Monitor+ API also calculates changes, mean and averages  (day to year plus custom averages). We return the query results together with any corrections issued during the date range requested.  Our API lets you immediately access all prices and corrections for any number of symbols and for any date range available to you* - back to the 1970’s where data is available.

You can access day prices (with changes) letting you create 'quote' style pages with high, low, mean , volume, change and even spark lines. You can use the API extract prices, symbol information and corrected prices for any series and any date range.2

Sarus Monitor+ is the ideal solution for your business continuity plan. It enables you to ring-fence this important business requirement  and, as we store your data on cloud servers, gives you the ability to recreate your own database of market data should the need arise without the need to purchase more historical data.

When used in conjunction with our Sarus XLerate Excel add-in, your users you can create  both day and historical reports, forward curve and in-depth seasonal analysis for any commodity - with just a few clicks of the mouse and basic Excel skills.  You can  access your market data and reports from anywhere 24/7 - making Sarus a valuable core business resource.

Package includes: Full  API specification and sample Excel VBA and Java/Javascript code where needed.  It is also compatible with the Platts Market Data FTP service and so can be used to significantly reduce cost as pricing sections of published reports can be recreated in Excel at no extra cost.   
If you would like more information about our MarketData+ service then please contact Don Gray on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   



1. Subject to your Sarus licence type.

2. The amount of data accessible depends on your subscription with the data vendor.