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Sarus XLerate is a powerful Excel add-in designed to help you to get the most out of your data. It is flexible and cost effective, perfect for front, mid and back office use. It gives instant access to all your historical price data. It becomes an integrated part of Excel giving you a flexible reporting tool that can handle historical reports, day reports and charts with ease.

ExcelToolbarFig 1. The Sarus XL Excel toolbar


Historical reports are column based worksheets than can contain a virtually unlimited number of time series with prices going back to the 1970’s2. The series can be displayed in any average, mid-point or chosen date range. The prices in the reports  update making them an ideal data source for both in-house and 3rd party software solutions.  See Fig 3 below.

 Dayreports are custom day reports that display market data in a format similar to financial market quote pages and give a concise overview of the products and markets covered. They show a daily snapshop of the market and display market prices, mid points, change and spark lines for any date, with all corrected prices marked and shown.2 See Figs 2 and 5 below.

You can create multiple reports that can be updated, printed, shared and published making them the perfect choice for your office market data requirements.1

Correction and sparkFig 2. Journal sample showing correction and spark lines (using simulated data)


Corrected prices are highlighted in all reports and full information about the original price, date published and date added are displayed in a popup hint.



Historical Reports

Sarus XLerate gives you instant access to all your historical data. Historical reports are workbooks that can containing a virtually unlimited number of time series that are selected from your favourite series list or day report. They can calculate all your averages and mid points allowing you to fill forward series so posted (or series quoted in different time frames) can be normalized for analysis and comparison. All reports can be easily updated, copied and edited and shared. 1  See Fig 4 below.

Two types of charts are included with historical reports:

  1. Line charts - useful for showing price movement of series over time.
  2. Bar charts that show the day to day difference in the series. Bar chart are ‘live’ and update as you scroll through the sheet.

Historical reports have automatic conversion factors for US$ per Barrel, US$ per Metric ton and USc/Gallon. They can access over 40 years of historical data2 and have built in analysis features such as crack spreads, correlation, mean of means and contract pricing - plus many other analysis reports and studies. You can choose to display a date range or rolling number of days. You can also edit series descriptions and conversion factors giving full control of how the data is dispayed.


HistoryRep1Fig 3 . Sarus XL sample Historical report (using simulated data).

All Sarus XLerate reports are saved as Excel workbooks and can be shared, edited and refreshed so making them perfect to use as a virtual data source allowing further analysis in your in-house or 3rd party software.1


Load Data Series

Fig 4. Sarus XL – Editing a Historical report.


Day reports

Day or journal reports are quote page styled worksheets that can be created to cover any number of products, creating the perfect a snapshot of the market on any date.2   They provide added value to the historical data you’ve collected by allowing you to display a corrected cross market view of high, low, mid-point, mid change and spark line charts - for any number of price series.

Create and save as many Journal reports as you require and because they are Excel worksheets, they can be customized, published and shared with colleagues. 1  You can create them in your own style to show the series that you need or they can be designed as more traditional market reports.

Journal reports can contain hundreds of market symbols and are an easy way to instantly create historical reports. Simply select the series and click on a button to get instant access to the historical information required for immediate analysis. See Fig 6 below.

ViewHistoryFig 6. Generating a Historical report from a Journal (simulated data)


Compared to traditiional published reports, Journal reports have some significant advantages:

  • Instantly recreate a view of the market for any number of products - for any date in time.2
  • Journal reports show corrected prices - ensuring the prices you see are the correct ones.
  • Spark-lines (mini charts) give instant insight into recent market trends.
  • Select series from a Journal report and instantly create a historical report and chart.



Fig 7, Sarus XL – Sample charts from Historical data  (using simulated data).


Sarus XL has an intuitive interface and works with Excel 2007 upwards. It offers improved productivity and a significant cost reduction both in terms of price and man hours saved.  

Our Cloudbase JSON API allows access to your market data and analytics is perfect for inhouse system development and for secure environments where software installations are not possible. Both systems offer business continuity solutions and 24/7 access from virtually anywhere.


If you would like to have a trial of our Sarus XLerate software, an online demonstration or just have some have any questions,  please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or get in touch via our “Contact us” link at the top of the page. You will be amazed at what Sarus XL can do for your business.



Sarus XL supports the following averages:

Average Custom
Week Yes
Half-Month Yes
Month Yes
3 Month -
6 Month -
Year -



1. Subject to permission from the data vendor.

2. Subject to data being available from the data vendor.

3. Forthe first user. Discounts apply to subsequent users when bought from Sarus directly.



  • Spark lines are mini charts of the last 10 prices giving a quick indication of recent price trend.
  • To create day reports requires a familiarity with Excel. We’ll be glad to assist you.
  • We provide you the day report creator not actual report templates.
  • We store your database so you should never need to purchase your historical data again.